7th December 2022

Präsentation: Anonymity Assessment at Datentag

Christian Grafenauer and Michael Kolain presented at the Datentag event on the topic of "Anonymity Assessment". The event was organized by Stiftung Datenschutz and focused on data anonymization. The presentation explained the methodology of translating the legal requirements for anonymization into a mathematical equation and derived a quantifiable model for anonymity in a legal sense. It also explored key considerations and techniques related to data anonymization, providing insights and guidance for attendees.

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17th January 2020

Presentation and Panel-speaker at the BMWi (German Ministry of Economics and Energy)

In the scope of the event "The role of standardization for application of technology" we had the opportunity to present our experiences and learnings from the DIN SPEC 4997 and were asked to propose strategic recommendations to the Ministry of Economics and Energy of the German Federal Government in our Presentation "Potentials for Start-Ups in the area „Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies“.

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16th - 23rd September 2019

Winner of the Blue Bank innovation decelerator

We were one of the 12 out 97 winner for the Start-Up Innovation decelerator for entrepreneurs and creators from anywhere in the world who dare to venture in a different direction. It's a self directed program for projects in all stages hosted in the Westfjords of Iceland.

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10th September 2019

Working Group IT-Law Berlin: Privacy by Blockchain Design

Presenting Privacy by Blockchain Design and a peak preview to the contents of the DIN SPEC 4997: Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology

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24th July 2019

GDPR & Decentralized Ledger Technologies

A Primalbase Community Meetup about the current findings of the DIN SPEC 4997 Consortia

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3rd April 2019

Kickoff Meeting for the DIN SPEC 4997
Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardised model for processing personal data using blockchain technology

We are currently starting our preparatory work to develop the first standard regarding this topic with the DIN (German Institute for Standardisation). In order for this standard to have a higher outreach, we would like for all stakeholders to be well represented.

In case you want to contribute to this standard as part of the DIN SPEC Workshop (consortium), please send us an email to confirm your interest, including your comments on the scope of the standard (which can be found under "more info" below. In addition, you have to register for the kickoff meeting at and attend the kickoff meeting to become a consortium member.

The DIN SPEC process should end by October 2019 latest, with a release of the standard planned by the end of this year.

A few additional notes from our side:
1) Although the business plan is in German, the standard will be written in English. If the person representing your organisation can be a German-speaker, it would be our preference. However, if not possible on your end, we would also welcome English-speakers and make sure they are included well in all the process (incl. discussions), as we value expertise over language.
2) There will be no participation fees related to this DIN SPEC project, so that you only would have to bear the costs of your own travel/accommodation for the meetings.
3) Participants to the Workshop who actively contribute and vote in favour of the final version of the DIN SPEC will be included as co-authors in the standard.

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26th March 2019

Getting your Blockchain GDPR-bulletproof

One day Seminar for Privacy by Blockchain Design, sponsored by ConsenSys and the Trustless Computing Association

14th/15th February 2019

Blockchain technology as an instrument of the new e-government-portal and the optimization of public registers?

Panel discussion at the 8th Speyer Forum on digital life, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer.

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1st December 2018

Public Administration at the Blockchain

Presentation at the Blockchain-Symposium, University of Freiburg

21st November 2018

Privacy and GDPR Compliance by Blockchain Design

Presentation at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 in Berlin

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21st November 2018

Learning and unlearning – What it takes to adopt Blockchain

Keynote Speaker at the Blockchain Technology Conference 2018 in Berlin

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10th Oktober 2018

Blockchain: the golden bullet for a decentralized e-government-architecture

Presetation at E-governance & cyber security: Maximizing use of public data whilst safeguarding privacy and security at the Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg in Brüssel

8th to 9th May 2018

Privacy by BlockChain Design

Presentation of our Paper at ERCIM-Blockchain 2018: Blockchain Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities for Computer Science Research at the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in Amsterdam

23th April 2018

Blockchain technology from a legal perspective

Practical Course: Blockchain technology for public sector innovation at the Technische Universität München (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar und Dian Balta)

5th December 2017

Die Blockchain-Technologie in der öffentlichen Verwaltung – Juristische und rechtsinformatische Herausforderungen

Presentation at “Blockchain Live – 6 Einsatzszenarien für den Public Sector“ at Fraunhofer FOKUS, Business Area Digital Public Services

9th September 2017

MultiChain Governance – Auf dem Weg zu komplexen Blockchain-Landschaften

Presentation of our Paper at the 18. Herbstakademie der Deutschen Stiftung für Recht und Informatik, Akademie der Wissenschaften Heidelberg, Panel „Ledger Tech/Blockchain“

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4th May 2017

Smart Contracts aus zivil- und verwaltungswissenschaftlicher Sicht

Advanced Practical Course: Blockchain technology for public sector innovation at the Technische Universität München (Supervisor: Dr. Marcus M. Dapp, Chair of Information Systems [Prof. Dr. Krcmar]), Summer Semester 2017

20th May 2016

Speed Dating on Smart Contracts

Free-space-workshop at the conference for e-democracy and open government 2016, Donau Universität Krems