Christian Wirth
Christian Grafenauer
Privacy Engineer, Anonymization Expert & Computer Science Specialist

Christian Grafenauer is an accomplished privacy engineer, anonymization expert, and computer science specialist, currently serving as the project lead for Anonymity Assessments at TechGDPR. With an extensive background as a Senior Architect in Blockchain for IBM and years of research in the field since 2013, Christian co-founded Privacy by Blockchain Design to explore the potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing privacy and internet infrastructure.

As a dedicated advocate for the integration of legal and computer science disciplines. His expertise in anonymization and GDPR compliance paves the way for innovative AI applications, fostering a harmonious blend of technology and governance, especially within the context of Smart Contracts. In his capacity at TechGDPR, Christian lends his expertise to anonymity assessments and technical compliance, with a particular emphasis on blockchain and AI technologies.

Christian also represents consumer interests as a member of the National Blockchain & DLT Standardization Committee at DIN (German Standardization Institute) in ISO/TC 307 and on the Cyber resilience Act on behalf of the ANEC. In early 2020, he initiated and led the development of the world's first standard for Blockchain and GDPR compliance: "DIN SPEC 4997 Privacy by Blockchain Design: A standardized model for processing personal data using blockchain technology." Christian's vast experience and commitment to privacy engineering and anonymization make him a valuable asset in shaping the future of secure and privacy-preserving digital technologies.

Anja Grafenauer
Anja Grafenauer
Software Developer, Corporate Finance Advisor & ERP Project Manager

Anja Grafenauer is a versatile professional with a background in corporate finance advisory and ERP project management, currently working as a software developer for a blockchain startup.

Prior to her current role, Anja served as an ERP Project Manager and Power BI Analytics at Falquon GmbH, where she successfully implemented a new ERP System (Microsoft Navision) and led finance and production analysis.